Assisted Living Waiver


When help at home is not feasible, Assisting Living is another way to provide senior housing options that are alternatives to nursing home care.

The Assisted Living Waiver Program pays the costs of care in an Assisted Living facility. The consumer is responsible for "room and board" expenses.


Participants must be financially eligible for Medicaid and determined by COAAA to need a "nursing facility level of care," the same requirements as for our PASSPORT program.

To view a current list of Assisted Living Waiver providers in your area, click here.

How do I apply?

Those interested in participating in the waiver may call COAAA at (614) 645-7250 or (800) 589-7277.


Licensed Ohio Residential Care Facilities interested in becoming an Assisted Living provider, please call Linda Gillespie or Teresa Shane at (614) 645-7250 or (800) 589-7277.

Assisted Living Flyer

Click here to download the assisted living waiver flyer.

Ready to get help? Call COAAA at (800) 589-7277.