Nesterly Central Ohio

Nesterly Central Ohio connects homeowners (Hosts) who have spare rooms to rent with people who are seeking a place to stay for longer than one month (Guests). This homesharing arrangement offers financial and social benefits to both Hosts and Guests. Hosts can earn extra income and can receive help with simple household chores; Guests can reduce their rent with participation in a task exchange and try out living in a new area of the city for a few months. Both Hosts and Guests have the chance to develop new friendships with someone of a differernt generation or background.

Homesharing through Nesterly is not intended for short-term rentals of less than one month. Frequently Asked Questions provides more details about logistics and process.

Trust and safety are paramount to Nesterly, and everyone goes through a multi-step screening process which includes an application, at least two references, and a complete background check before a homeshare is booked. Nesterly’s optional task exchange feature makes it simple for a Host to delegate pesky chores to a Guest in exchange for reduced rent.

Nesterly was founded by Noelle Marcus at MIT to tackle two big challenges: housing affordability and aging in place. Nesterly launched in Boston in 2017 and selected Columbus as its first expansion city in early 2019. COAAA is excited to collaborate with Nesterly, Age Friendly Columbus and Franklin County, and Age Friendly Delaware County to connect Hosts and Guests in Central Ohio.

Interested in becoming a Host or Guest? Visit to sign up or contact Frances, COAAA’s homesharing coordinator, at 614-645-3646 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..