Advisory Council

General Information

Advisory Council Members are highly valued volunteers who represent the views of older adults in their specific communities and advise the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging in its programming. The council is comprised of 32 individuals from eight central Ohio counties (Delaware, Fayette, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union). Advisory Council meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Schedule

Advisory Council Responsibilities

The COAAA Council functions as a forum for the views of older and disabled consumers and fosters a partnership of older adults, community agencies, and local governments

The Responsibilities of the Advisory Council are to:

  • Advise COAAA on the development and administration of the Area Plan, interests of older adults and community policies, programs and actions which affect older and disabled adults.
  • Participate in periodic public hearings concerning older adults
  • Advise and assist COAAA with leadership and advocacy on behalf of all older and disabled adults within the agency’s geographic area (Planning and Service Area 6)
  • Act as a liaison between COAAA and local offices on aging, public officials and service providers, in order to disseminate information on the needs of older and disabled adults and to help coordinate local, state and federal programs.
  • Advise and assist in the pooling of untapped resources of public and private agencies in order to strengthen or initiate new services for older and disabled adults.
  • Advise the Ohio Department of Aging, through COAAA, regarding special projects and statewide programs that affect Planning and Service Area 6.

To Fulfill these Responsibilities, Members of the Advisory Council need to:

  • Become familiar with the needs and problems of older and disabled adults in their respective counties
  • Be aware of programs currently serving older and disabled adults in their counties
  • Regularly attend Advisory Council and other county meetings specific to older and disabled adults
  • Report to community group leaders on business discussed at Advisory Council meetings.
  • Report to the Advisory Council regarding county concerns
  • Gather and distribute information as requested
  • Become familiar with funding process sources and requirements and identify appropriate services for funding
  • Understand the funding profile of current services for older and disabled adults in their counties


Three members per county may serve a maximum of two 3-year terms each. The year and number in parentheses after the names indicate the final year of their first or second term (updated 3/2021).

2021-2022 Chair:  Jim Cesa
2021-2022 Vice Chair:  Anna Tobin

Delaware County
William Brown 12/21 (1)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: Fara Waugh

Fairfield County
Anna Tobin 12/24 (1)
Sharon Waldo 12/21 (2)
Ex-officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: Melanie Culbertson

Fayette County
Cheryl Stockwell 12/24 (1)
Edward Helt, Jr. 12/21 (2)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: Bambi Baughn
Alternate: Cheryl Royster

Franklin County
Judythe Dodson 12/21 (2)
Dr. J.S. Jindal 12/22 (2)
Edward Elberfeld 12/21 (2)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: David W. Paul
Alternate: Charles W. Gehring

Licking County
Karla Lust 12/23 (1)
Carole Wachtel 12/23 (1)
Tim Reichert 12/21 (1)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: (Vacancy) 

Madison County
Megan Witteman 12/24 (1)
Mike Reinhard 12/21 (1)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioner
Commissioner's Designee:  Jim Witwer
Alternate: Misty Bradley

Pickaway County
Richard Fisher 12/23 (1)  
Rojanne Woodward 12/21 (1)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: Holly Cottrill
Alternate: Connie Kelly

Union County
James W. Cesa 12/23 (1)
Ex-Officio: County Commissioners
Commissioner's Designee: Kathleen Albanese
Alternate:  Holly Novak