Healthy, Well & Wise

Healthy, Well & Wise is a collection of educational presentations focused on older adult health and safety offered by the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging. Presentations can be scheduled for community groups, civic organizations, support groups, church groups, and businesses in any of COAAA’s eight counties. Presentations are held at the group’s location or meeting place and are subject to speaker availability. Sessions are typically one hour including Q & A. Organizations can schedule individual or multiple topics. Early requests for speakers are strongly encouraged to ensure speaker availability.

Contact COAAA to schedule or for more information: 614-645-3875, 800-589-7277, or fill out our Speaker Request Form.


Fee is based on your group type.

Community Group (Church, civic or social club, etc.): FREE

Business/Employer Lunchtime Brown Bag: FREE

Paraprofessional/Staff In-services: $50 (minimum)

Business Professional Staff Trainings: Negotiable/Varying


Be Stroke-Wise
Identifies the common causes and effects of strokes. Discusses resources for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Covers the risks for respiratory disease and how to prevent lung disease. Includes dietary tips and reviews the benefits of deep breathing.

Dementia and Communicating with Confused Older Adults
Briefly reviews types of dementia and focuses on practical tips for communication and dealing with some problem behaviors.

Depression and the Older Adult
Depression can lead to other life complications. Get insight into causes, symptoms and treatment of this serious but treatable condition.

Emergency Preparedness: More Than Just a Good Idea
This program provides information on basic emergency supply kits, developing a communications plan, and general principles of preparedness.

Fall Prevention: Do You Know Where Your Feet Are?
Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and death for older adults. The costs are not only financial but physical and emotional too. Learn about the simple steps to fall prevention.

Family Dynamics and Aging
Learn how long-standing family relationships and communication patterns impact caregiving.   This workshop will explore common caregiving challenges for families. Techniques to improve communication and overcome obstacles in care planning will be discussed.      

Going Green: Where Health and Well-Being Meet
Green living is more than just recycling. It means eating healthier, being active and getting involve in your community. Learn small steps you can take to positively impact the earth and your health!

Grief Smarts!
Explains various responses to grief, identifies unrecognized losses and offers tips on how to help someone who is grieving.

Have I Got a Deal for You! Health Quackery and Other Scams
Lists the top targets for health fraud and how to spot false claims. Reviews identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself.

Herbal Remedies and Other Therapies: Help or Hype?
Learn how to assess the safety and effectiveness of herbal products. Reviews risks, cost, questions to ask and where to get more information.

Hold Your Own Against Colds and Flu
Do you know the difference between a cold and the flu—and how to prevent and treat both? Improve your cold and flu prevention knowledge.

Humor: Jest for Health
Offers insights into the relationship of laughter and feeling better, appropriate vs. inappropriate humor and how to find your funny bone.

Invest in YOU with Healthy U: The Value of Self-Management Workshops
Many older adults have chronic health conditions that may be a challenge to manage. This day-to-day work is not managed by our medical system, but by the daily choices we make. This session explains how Healthy U workshops are proven interventions that help us learn how to self-manage by skill development and action planning. The session reviews Ohio’s top health concerns, explains how Healthy U can positively impact your health and your life and includes a self-management checklist.

Managing Diabetes: You Can Do It!
Reviews risk factors, symptoms, complications and treatment options. Identifies the steps for successful management.

Maximize Your Memory
Find out how memory works and the factors affecting it. Learn techniques to improve your memory.

Oh My Aching...Maneuvering the Aches and Pains of Aging
Hit the road to managing arthritis. Learn about types, symptoms and treatment. Offers suggestions on meeting the challenges of chronic pain.

Savvy Senior Safety
Increase your safety savvy. Find out what you can do to manage your personal safety: in your home and in your day-to-day travels.

Secrets to Serenity
Describes the basics of stress, good and bad, and ways to manage it through awareness and relaxation techniques.

Shared Care: Making the Most of Your Healthcare Team
You and your health care team need to be partners in today's health care arena. Learn how to maximize a doctor visit and questions to ask about surgery. Reviews major points about safe medication use and your responsibilities. Health literacy equals good communication.

Sharing Our Stories: The Benefits of Life Review and Reminiscence
Life review and reminiscence are enriching for individuals, families and communities. This topic reviews reasons for relating memories and tips for recording them.

Skin: The Great Protector
Find out what your skin can tell you about your health. Offers suggestions on how to keep your skin healthy and working for you.

Stuff: Tips for Downsizing and Managing Clutter
This session offers insights as to why we collect what we do and when we should be concerned about our collecting. Offers practical tips to assist in downsizing and reducing clutter.

Wake Better Sleep
Offers clues for the causes of sleeplessness and resources to manage sleep disorders.

60+ Rules for the Road
Driving is cognitively and physically demanding. Reviews sensory losses and suggestions to maximize your driving skills.