Continuing Education

Professional Training

COAAA hosts workshops throughout the year that provide approved, affordable continuing education credits for social workers, counselors, BELTSS, and nurses.

You may register for workshops by printing the registration form and mailing the completed form to COAAA. Please call the COAAA Education Office at (800) 589-7277 or (614) 645-7250 for further information and to confirm dates. See brochures for more information and for directions. This schedule is subject to change. 

For information on DRIVE Training please visit our DRIVE Training page.

Please note all workshops have a listed attendance type: Zoom or In-Person.

Empowered Resilience: Engaging in Cultural Responsive and Trauma Supportive Care for Marginalized Individuals and Communities
Attendance: In-Person

Demystifying the Trauma/Hoarding Connection and Intervention
Attendance: In-Person

Working with Men in Social Services: Male Call
Attendance: In-Person

Appalachian in Ohio: Increasing Our Cultural Competence
Attendance: In-Person

Ethics: Examining Dual Relationships
Attendance: In-Person

Emotional Abuse and Older Adults: But Words Can Always Hurt Me
Attendance: In-Person

THE ART OF THE APPROACH: Seeing It From the Other Side Better Caring for Those with Dementia
Attendance: In-Person

Dementia Update 2024: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management
Attendance: In-Person