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Agency Contacts

Agency Director:

Cindy Farson614-645-7250

Finance and Operations Director:

Philip Rollins614-645-3877

Client Services Director:

Erica Drewry614-645-3878

Aging and Disability Resource Director:

Linda Gillespie614-645-3860

Director of Strategic Initiatives:

Tamara James614-645-5567

Housing & Grants Coordinator:

Rod Pritchard614-645-3886

Communications Manager:

Steve Centofanti614-645-7585

Community Education Program Manager:

Jane Acri614-645-3866

Information & Referral Specialist:

Patty Callahan614-645-7705

Information Systems Manager:

Jon Fletcher614-645-3862

Medicare Outreach Manager:

Andy Haggard614-645-7186

Options Clinical Manager:

Andrea See614-645-8132

Community Education & Outreach Supervisor:

Lynn Dobb614-645-3885

Waiver Clinical Manager:

Sue Howson614-645-3863